Kulshan 500 ML Bottles

Current Offerings are available in both taprooms and retailers

Kulshan Season Bottles


Our seasonal beer series is an acknowledgement of the fact that many historical styles were developed and brewed in the same season each year, and that to this day many styles are still best enjoyed at a certain time of year. Belgian beers, German lagers and ales, and ales of British origin all play important roles in this series, and they are beers that our brewing staff takes great pride and joy in brewing.


Kulshan Cascade Peaks Bottles

Cascade Peaks Series

From its inception, Kulshan Brewing Co. has pulled inspiration from the rugged peaks of the Cascades, beginning with its namesake, Koma Kulshan, the indigenous name for Mt. Baker. This IPA series was created as an opportunity for Kulshan's brewers to experiment with new hop varieties and cutting-edge brewing techniques, resulting in a series of delicious and unique IPAs.


Kulshan Barrel Aged Beer Bottles

Barrel-Aged Series

Immense patience and precision goes in to crafting our Barrel Aged beers, resulting in finished products that are smooth, balanced, and immensely satisfying. Spanning many different beer styles and barrel types, these beers are aged anywhere from six months to multiple years, and are then delicately blended to create the final product we present to you. Available in limited quantities of draft and 500ml bottles, it is advisable to always be on the lookout for these beers as they often are gone in a blink of the eye.


Kulshan Specialty Beer Bottles

Specialty series

Unusual and adventurous, these beers are limited release products available once a year, or possibly once in a lifetime. Though we at Kulshan pride ourselves on our true to style Ales and Lagers, we also enjoy brewing with fun and unusual ingredients, brewing strange styles, and pushing styles in new and adventurous directions. Our specialty line of beers are available on draft in our two taprooms and in limited quantities of 500ml bottles.