Small Batch Beer Program

New craft beers released bi-monthly at the Sunnyland location

Kulshan Brewing Brett Saison

We’re so excited to announce our new Small Batch Program consisting of new, limited-quantity craft beer to be released exclusively in the Sunnyland Taproom. The Brett Saison, released on September 9th, was the first small-batch-brewed beer showcased in the program. Beer enthusiasts, who are looking to try something new, can expect at least two Small Batch beer releases every month. This series will rotate on a regular basis, will span many different styles, and most importantly will be a whole lot of fun for Kulshan fans.  

Since our inception, we’ve prided ourselves on making premium quality beer where excellence, consistency, and innovation have been at the forefront of our minds. We never tire in the pursuit of making the most delicious beer possible. The Sunnyland Small Batch Program is just the latest step in our pursuit of excellence in beer making. Unlike our second location in the Roosevelt neighborhood, a 30 barrel brewery, Sunnyland's brew deck is small and caps out at 10 barrels. This was the perfect opportunity to turn it into something, capitalize on the limitations, and come up with something fun and exciting. The mantra for this program is creativity and innovation, and it will allow our experienced brewing team to experiment with new hops and malts, as well as new styles and brewing techniques.

Fresh Hopped Kellerpils is next in line in the Small Batch Program and will be brewed with locally grown Cascade, Centennial, Nugget, and Willamette hops. Each Small Batch brew in the program will produce less than 10 total barrels of finished beer so check out the website to see what’s on tap.