Mountain Lion IPA

Mountain Lion Collaboration Beer by Aslan and Kulshan.
Mountain Lion Collaboration Beer by Aslan and Kulshan.
Kulshan and Aslan Brewing Collaboration
Aslan and Kulshan Brewing Collaboration Beer.

Mountain Lion IPA (both versions!) is now on tap at Roosevelt for a limited time!

Mountain Lion is a collaboration made with our friends at Aslan Brewing. Using the same recipe, we brewed one batch at Kulshan and one at Aslan, with the intention of showcasing the unique approach that each brewery takes when crafting a beer. A smooth and easy drinking IPA, Mountain Lion has big notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and light strawberry accents. This beer was a blast to create, and we hope you feel the same way about drinking it.

6% ABV // 60 IBU

STYLE: American IPA.

SEE: Golden straw, slight haze, and a fine white head.

SMELL: Citrus fruits, strawberries, and tropical fruit

TASTE: Similar to aroma, citrus fruit and pith up front, followed by tropical fruits and berries, leading into a dry finish.

BITTER: 3 (out of 5).

SWEET: 1 (out of 5).

HOPS: Centennial, Chinook, and Mosaic.

MALTS: 2-Row, Triticale, and CaraHell.