Premium Lager

American-STYLE Lager

MALT: American 2-Row, Pilsner
HOPS: Mt. Rainer
IBU: 12
ABV: 5.0%
SEE: Light straw pale and crystal clear
SMELL: Subtle grain and light hop aroma
TASTE: Light and crisp

Kulshan’s rendition of this classic American Style, Premium Lager is delicate, refreshing, and highly crushable. Brewed with U.S. Malted Barley, German Pilsner malt, and Yakima Valley Hops of the highest quality, this beer is neither overwhelming nor lacking in flavor; it is just right.

American Beer Made Right Here.

SILVER - 2018 Best of Craft Beer
GOLD - 2017 WA Beer Awards
SILVER - 2017 LA International Beer Comp