Migration Belgian-Style Tripel

Kulshan Brewing Co. Migration Belgian-Style Tripel

Migration Tripel is now on tap at the Sunnyland location.

Our take on the simple and classic style pioneered by Westmalle Abbey brewery in Belgium, this beer is delicate, nuanced, and delicious. A rich and bready malt body is the centerpiece of this beer, complemented by light orchard fruit accents and pleasant floral and spicy hop notes. Light in body but with a slightly sweet finish, this beer epitomizes balance, and is our tribute to the rich and time honored Belgian Trappist brewing tradition.

8.7% ABV // 40 IBU

SEE: Copper with hints of orange and an off white head.

SMELL: Strong fruit, pepper and vanilla with a little bit of floral, balanced with bready malt character.

TASTE: Bready and malt forward, balanced with light bubble gum, orchard fruits, subtle spice and floral.

BITTER: 2 (out of 5).

SWEET: 2 (out of 5).

HOPS: Hallertau Tradition, Hallertau Mittelfruh, and Styrian Goldings.

MALTS: Belgian Pilsner, and Belgian Abbey Malt.

OTHER: Belgian Candi Syrup.