Golden Hour French Saison

Golden Hour French Saison from Kulshan Brewing

Golden Hour French Saison is now on tap at Sunnyland as part of our Small Batch Program.

A rustic yet elegant brew, Golden Hour saison presents the drinker with a sensory sunset of flavor and aroma. Hints of ripe pear and apple, along with notes of fresh cracked wheat and lemon all blend together to form a delightful aroma bouquet. On the tongue, ripe orchard fruit and citrus are still present, with the addition of soothing bready notes and a light and playful boozy heat. Aged patiently and deliberately, this beer has matured exquisitely, and its time to shine has come.

7.5% ABV // 30 IBU

SEE: Golden straw with a fine white head.

SMELL: Orchard fruits of pear and apple, lead into fresh wheat and lemon.

TASTE: Similar to aroma, orchard and citrus fruits, followed by fresh bread and a boozy heat.

BITTER: 1 (out of 5).

SWEET: 2 (out of 5).

HOPS: Sterling, Czech Kazbek, and Styrian Golding.

MALTS: Belgian Pilsner, Munich Light, White Wheat, and Unmalted Wheat.