Bingo Bango Imperial IPA

Bingo Bango Imperial IPA from Kulshan Brewing

Bingo Bango Imperial IPA is now on tap at Roosevelt (K2).

Folks, beer should be fun, and we gotta say, this beer is a whole lot of fun. Big and bold, it offers just enough bready malt tones and slight sweetness to balance out the warming alcohol and enormous hop character that lies within. This beer is of course all about the hops, and it delivers big with zesty notes of tangerine, grapefruit, and pine needles, followed up by subtler notes of black tea and cantaloupe. A big IPA for sure, but at the same time very drinkable, we hope you'll find this beer to be as fun and delicious as we do.

8.5% ABV // 110 IBU

SEE: Golden straw with a fine white head.

SMELL: Citrus fruits of tangerine, and grapefruit, leading into pine and slight melon.

TASTE: Similar to aroma, with citrus fruit forward, subtle pine, black tea and melon, balanced by a sweet bready malt character.

BITTER: 3 (out of 5).

SWEET: 1 (out of 5).

HOPS: Zeus, Simcoe, Idaho 7, and Amarillo.

MALTS: 2-Row, Golden Promise, and Carafoam.