Tomyhoi IPA

Tomyhoi IPA from Kulshan Brewing Co.

Tomyhoi IPA is the latest beer in our Cascade Peaks Series and is now on tap at Roosevelt and in bottles at both locations.

A balanced and bold IPA, Tomyhoi is hazy in appearance, but bright and exuberant in character. Healthy doses of spelt malt and flaked oats create a smooth and pillowy malt platform, necessary to support an aggressive hop profile. Radiant hop notes of lime and lemon zest practically jump out of the glass to greet the drinker, and are accented by more subtle notes of tropical and orchard fruits to create a bright and juicy IPA.

6% ABV // 35 IBU

SEE: Golden straw in color, with a white head.

SMELL: Citrus notes of lime and lemon zest, with subtle tropical and orchard fruits.

TASTE: A smooth body and malt character is balanced by lime and lemon zest, leading into tropical and orchard fruits.

BITTER: 2 (out of 5).

SWEET: 1 (out of 5).

HOPS: Wai-iti, Rakau, and Moutere.

MALTS: 2-Row, Spelt, Malt, and Flaked Oats.